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Amy Logan, Executive Producer of The Price of Honor
“Thank you so much for producing the blog post on our film! We are really happy with it. Best article written on the film yet! Suzanne was a delight to work with. We are posting it to all our social media!”

Tatiana G., Banker, New York, NY
“BTW, I received a call for a new job, thank you the resume worked out.”

D.S., Law Student, New York, NY
“I was swamped with work, school, and family obligations and nearing a really tight law school deadline. I reached out to Suzanne to help me draft and write a research paper for law school and I got an A! She was easy to work with and always kept my thoughts and suggestions in mind. She was available around the clock and replied to emails extremely fast. And she provided constructive criticism so that I could see potential pitfalls. She wasn't afraid to tell me when she disagreed with the direction that I was going in. I'm glad I asked for the help.”

Justin M., New York, NY (in recognition of the Statement of Professional Goals I helped him flesh out for graduate school)
“I just want to thank you so much for helping me out. You were absolutely wonderful and helpful. If there is anything I can do to repay you, I'd like to know. Thank you again so much. I will keep you updated on any progress that has been made. :)”

Scott D., New York (in response to "We are not the minority" article in YouthKiAwaaz)
“...I read the brilliant piece you two worked together to produce. Just wanna thank you for offering it to the world. It really opened my eyes to how differently and positively I can approach life with the understanding that certain words we use to describe ourselves (i.e. minority) are disempowering, but if we can rethink our understanding and approach to such, it can make a huge difference. And it doesn't happen often, but I read an article thanks to you and Jason that actually changed my way of thinking in a meaningful way.”

Odelia P. (reader of "We are not the minority" article)
“You should be brought on The CNN Freedom Project to talk about this amazing article. The first part has an amazing tonality leading into a screeching crescendo with, 'it is breaking the levees.' The second part is beautiful. You can read the change in tone. 'In the end, we—all of us together—are not a minority. Together, we are the people.' Just beautiful. I feel like I read a music score and the images just came to life.”

Lili White, Board Member at Millennium Film Workshop (& Media Center) | New York City
“I have worked with Suzanne as a contractor during the AXWFilm Festival. She designed the program notes for the event and people commented that they were very commanding. She was easy to work with via e-mail and also acted as editor. I would use her talents again!”

Sarwar Bhuiyan, Senior Software Engineer | United Kingdom
“I’m quite happy with the CV formatting and style. I’m also glad you helped reduce the wording to what it is now. I’d like to thank you on a job very well done. I’ve got something I can forward around with confidence.”

Kian P, Graduate Student | United Kingdom
“My good friend told me that Suzanne was a very good editor. I do not trust websites and did not want to go through an editing website on the internet. I contacted Suzanne on Skype and asked if she would edit my dissertation for graduate school using British English and Harvard Referencing. I was happy that I asked her to help and now I am happy to write her the best statement as a testimonial.”

Paul G., Senior Manager | Mexico
“Sioux help was a key factor, she did what I required, improved the overall quality of my resume to brand myself, right colors, proper wording, simple, clean, professional. Can’t help but to catch your eye, gets the best of you in one single sheet.”

Robert Amoroso, Creative Director, Business Development Professional
“Suzanne doesn’t miss a beat as a Managing Editor. She possesses strong organizational skills, which is a bonus for those that work with her when managing a tidal wave of images and various stages of copy. She can be counted on to know where everything is, who it came from and when it is fit for publication. As a managing editor, she must deal with various personalities and logistical challenges every day. Suzanne is the perfect liaison in that she remains even-keeled and dependable despite those pressures. Aside from Suzanne’s extraordinary editorial skills, she has a keen eye for design-related challenges and also understands the applications used for image manipulation and page layout. If I had to think of three words to describe her business acumen, they would be accuracy, consistency and diplomacy.”

D.S., Law Student | New York City
“I was swamped with work, school, and family obligations and nearing a really tight law school deadline. I reached out to Suzanne to help me draft and write a research paper and I got an A! She was easy to work with and always kept my thoughts and suggestions in mind. I’m glad I asked for the help. She was available around the clock and replied to emails extremely fast. And she provided constructive criticism so that I could see potential pitfalls. She wasn’t afraid to tell me when she disagreed with the direction that I was going in.”

Meg C., Artist | California
“Thanks so much for the resume, you really helped a sister out!”

Ashley Rundall, Art Director at Savage
“Suzanne is a great asset to any company. She jumps right in and is completely comfortable from the get-go. She is also a hard-worker and very talented. It was great working with her!!”

Skip Dampier, Senior Marketing and Branding Executive with Digital and Traditional Experience
“Suzanne brings a level of passion for detail that makes her ‘mission critical’ to any team or organization fortunate to work with her. Not only does she execute flawlessly, her demeanor and approach to those whose work she is editing and proofing is to be admired (did I get that sentence grammatically correct?). Those who work with her also find her independent and creative spirit refreshing.”

Rodney Hargrave, Copywriter
“Sioux had a positive impact on the creative group from her first day at Tocquigny. Her infectious enthusiasm for all things concerning grammar and style, along with her cracker jack editing skills, made her an invaluable member of the creative team. On her own initiative, she created an in-house style guide that continues to be an important resource for the creative team. Sioux worked quickly and accurately and always made the work better.”

Julia Glass, Account Director at Mason Zimbler
“Suzanne gave me a new perspective on the term quality assurance during her tenure at Tocquigny. Her attention to detail, professionalism, ability to consistently deliver, and the knowledge she was able to bring to every project exceeded my expectations every time. I wouldn’t dare send anything to a client without passing through Suzanne first.”

Erin Waddington, Creative Director
“Suzanne contributed directly in establishing process and protocol at Tocquigny as a QA/Proofreader. Her impact was immediately recognized. Not only was Suzanne proving to be great in her role, but she was extremely fun to be around and easy going. Suzanne would be a great addition to any team. I hope she isn’t proofreading this right now!”

Michael Aaron, Sr. Director, Business Development at Razorfish
“Suzanne was extremely conscientious and had a keen eye for detail. Her creative, copy, and QAing skills were top notch, as was her attitude and willingness to get the job done, often on tight deadlines. We miss having Suzanne at Tocquigny!”

Ari Koinuma, Senior Associate at KPMG | US
“Suzanne ‘Sioux’ is very organized and great at managing her team and getting everyone in line to deliver results within allotted time and budget. When she’s on the task, you can consider it done -- and that’s always a great relief.”

Nazia Sadaphal, Sr. Financial Analyst | New York, NY
“Suzanne added powerful eye-catching words and a design that definitely makes one look twice. I LOVE IT! I've already shown my new resume to multiple friends/coworkers and they're raving about it too!!! Thanks a bunch!”

Benjamin A. Snavely, Educator | Austin, TX
“Suzanne helped me organize and simplify my resume to make it professional, legible, and coherent. It was less than a week before I got an interview and eventually a job. What a bargain. Thanks for the help!”

Shruti L. Mathur, Journalist | Minnesota and Delaware
“I was running out of room on my boring, template-based resume. Suzanne took it and recreated it into a clean, well-designed, and easy-to-read document. I've had multiple compliments on my great resume!”

Benjamin Dowell, Webmaster | Crystal Lake, IL
“Ms. Mahadeo efficiently reorganized and polished my simple resume into something that I am confident my prospective employers will find both professional and attractive.”

Jose Rene Vrolyk, US Marine | New York, NY
“Suzanne helped me to organize my resume to be more marketable. She added powerful words that shows professionalism and displays my work experience in attractive way. I have shown my resume to my family and friends, I have received great compliments. I am confident that in the next month when I begin to give my resume to the potential employers I will be getting excellent offers. Thanks Suzanne, your work is a master piece!!!”

Jenna Snavely, Barista | Dallas, TX
“I happened upon an open position for my dream job, and knew I had to go for it. I came to Suzanne with an awful resume – one that I had typed up quickly for an assignment way back in high school and had been using ever since. She patched it up for me beautifully! I sent it in, got a call back within a few days, and scheduled my first interview! I went back to her for interview help, and it worked like a charm – I snagged the job! Thank you so much! Suzanne was truly committed to helping me reach my goals; I couldn't have done it without her!”

Marcos Hernandez, Interactive Developer | Austin, TX
“Suzanne took my old resume with scattered information, filtered out the filler and made it clean and organized. She also made a stand-out cover letter that got me an interview the first day I sent it out. I wish I meet Suzanne earlier in my career. I got a phone interview yesterday. Thanks for everything.”

University Student (whose final paper I edited) | New York, NY
“The paper was a great success because it helped me pass my class that I almost failed and the grade that I have was an A!!!! This is great!!! I am very happy and thank you for helping me!!!”

Grant Alexander, Owner of Naturally Neem New Zealand | Whangarei, New Zealand
“Sue designed my web site for me, she did a great job, it’s everything I wanted. He skill & ability is obvious. The job was done with efficiency & hassle free. I would recommend Sue to anyone who wished to have a web site designed.”

Bibi Dowell, Graphic Designer | Crystal Lake, IL
“I was pretty sure that I could handle writing my own resume. After all, everyone’s taken one of those classes at school one time or another, right? And, yes, my resume was a resume, but when I went from wanting a job to embarking on a new career, I decided it was time to let a professional handle my one key document. I’m so happy I handed the job over to Suzanne. She used her expert organizational and editing skills to turn my resume into an articulate, intelligent and even enjoyable marketing tool. I would have never been able to accomplish that level of professionalism myself. Many thanks, Sioux.”