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A small taste of published work (check back for more!)

Living in China at the Height of it's Prosperity   Abroad in Guangzhou   Feeding Nostalgia at Haizhu Square   Island Under Water   Needing a Break and Breaking the Bank    
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Honor Killings of American Sisters   The Story of Islamophobia   We Are Not The Minority   Baby Girl Will Be A Woman One Day        

Published articles in the bimonthly, 55,000-member Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) journal, Fraud Magazine, devoted to timely, insightful articles on white-collar crime and fraud examination techniques:

Separating Money from Worthless Paper
Fraud Magazine
September/October 2005
White-collar Crime Demographics
Fraud Magazine
January/February 2006
Fraud Magazine
Tone at the Top, Part 1
Fraud Magazine
November/December 2006
Tone at the Top, Part 2
Fraud Magazine
January/February 2007


I like to document my travels so that I don’t forget them...

What We Made at the Bosque Village
What we made at the Bosque

Market Day in Eronga, Mexico

A Day at the Bosque
A day at the Bosque

Sunshine in Myanmar

A Day in the Life in Guangzhou, China

From the Deserts of Rajasthan, India

Happy Father’s Day from the Great, Great Grandfatherland... India

Split-Second Decisions: Changing Life in the Blink of an Eye (coming soon!)
Split-Second Decisions


From beaches to blizzards and from dusk to dawn, nature inspires my photography.